Learn Angular 2 in 2 days in Mumbai Andheri

Course Name:- Batch 80 – Learn Angular 2 in 2 days (Mumbai Andheri)

Date: – Sat 25th March and Sun 26th March 2017.

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About us

What is the Syllabus of Angular 2 ?

How can you cover Angular 2 in two days?

Do you cover Angular 1 or Angular 2?

Which tool do you use ?

What things are needed from my side ?

Whom should I call for the course ?

What is the course fee ?

Where is your Angular 2 institute in Mumbai ?

Do you negotiate ?

I had come to SBSS for other courses, do I get any discounts ?

About us

Our institute is 12 years old institute focused especially on computer programming courses. We started 12 years back ( www.questpond.com ) as an online training provider and have later expanded in offline training courses.

The founders of this training institute are programmers themselves. The goal of our offline institute is to provide exceptional training at reasonable cost.

What is the Syllabus of Angular 2 ?

This course is of 2 days and below is the hourly breakup of the course. The total course is of 16 hours.


What we will do?

Hrs. allocated
Angular 2 Pre-requiste
  • Node and NPM
  • Typescript
  • CommonJS
  • SystemJS
1 Hour
Setting up Angular 2 environment 1 Hour
First application of Angular
  • Why Angular ?
  • Understanding components and modules.
  • Understanding the architecture of binding framework.
  • Understanding “[“and “(“binding.
  • Expressions and interpolations
  • Understanding “*”
2 Hours
Angular directives Building a custom component using directives and understanding @input ,@output and @emitters 2 Hours
Angular component life cycle Understanding the view, controller and content life cycle, tapping them and putting custom code. 1 Hour
Providers and dependency injection
  • Creating a service
  • Injecting in to module
  • Injecting in to component
  • Component to Component communication using
  • shared services
1 Hour
Using http provider Making Post,Get,Put and delete 2 Hours
Angular routing Parent and child routing concepts Passing data between routes 1 Hour
Angular dynamic loading Lazy loading using Angular 2 1 Hour
Angular forms and validation Using form validations and grouping and comparing the same with model validations 1 Hour
Angular pipe concept Data formatting using pipes. 20 Mins
Dependency Management
  • Understanding Common JS and AMD
  • Webpack fundamentals
  • Webpackconfig files.
  • Multiple bundling with Webpack
1 Hour
Best practices in Angular 2
  • Project structure
  • Architecture structure for Components and modules.
  • impact of import typescript
1 Hour
  • Understanding Asynchronous data streams.
  • Understanding Observables and promises.
  • Using it in Angular 2
1 Hour

How can you cover Angular 2 in two days?

This is a question which keeps coming in every Angular 2 class we take in Andheri Mumbai. First thing these trainings are meant for senior people who work in IT industry from Monday to Friday. The only time they have holiday is Saturday and Sunday. So any course which goes beyond these days do not suit them.

Said and done below are some of the highlights by which we cover Angular 2 in 2 days in a proper manner.

  1. We start sharp at 10 AM and end almost at 6:30 PM / 7 PM. Breaks of food and tea breaks are short and controlled properly. We ensure that almost 8 hours you are inside the room , coding , completing your labs.
  2. Trainings are conducted by senior trainers who are not only trainers but they also work on Angular 2 projects or are either MVP’s. So they know exactly how to drive this course in 2 days.
  3. In this course you will always find two trainers. One trainer takes the course and the other trainer helps out the students. With this we save lot of time in practical’s.
  4. In this course we do not entertain any fresher person. So with that we are ensured that we do not have to run through the basics. With all seniors the batch is always in a good synch.
  5. With the course we provide video tutorials and notes which ensures that if there are any left overs you can revise them when needed.

Do you cover Angular 1 or Angular 2?

This course is purely Angular 2. But we do understand some people would like to still look at Angular 1.X. Especially developers who are going in maintenance projects. From that point of view we provide a basic overview of Angular 1.X at the last which is supported by 8 hours of Step by Step videos.

Which tool do you use ?

Angular 2 is a JavaScript framework and any tool can be used for coding purpose. We have currently kept two choices of tool:-

  • Visual studio.
  • Visual studio code.
  • Eclipse
  • Webstorm

What things are needed from my side ?

  • Ensure your choice of tool is installed before you come in. People who are using visual studio 2015 please ensure to install Typescript and Update 3.
  • Go to this URL http://tinyurl.com/jeehlqo and download the zip file and keep it in your local folder.

Whom should I call for the course ?

You can call on 9967590707 or on our office land line 022-66752917.

What is the course fee ?

Booking between 27 Feb to 12 March 2017 – 1000 INR discount, you pay 6000 INR

Booking between 13 March to 19 March 2017 – 500 INR discount, you pay 6500 INR

Booking between 20 March to 24 March 2017 – 0 INR discount, you pay 7000 INR

Where is your Angular 2 institute in Mumbai ?

B-720, Pranik Chambers,
Near Sakinaka Metro Station, Saki Vihar Road,
Sakinaka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 072.

Do you negotiate ?

We are extremely sad to say ☻ we do not. But if you subscribe to us early you get a very decent discount do go through our course fee section.

I had come to SBSS for other courses, do I get any discounts ?

If you have taken a course from us previously you can check this link it has some special discount for repeat students.

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  9. bikash pattanayak says:

    I suggest a demo on below topic should be part of Anjular JS training video/classes/study material.

    1. bind the data with different controls, which are frequently used in real time projects i.e. grid-view, calendar and dropdownlist etc.., coming from various sources like Web API and Action Method etc..

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    • StepByStepSchoolsSupport says:

      Hello Bikash,

      Thanks for your input such inputs helps us to improve our training. We have forwarded it to our faculties soon we will work on it.

      Thank you,

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  10. MunnaBaba says:

    this is a wonderfull.
    i am going to get the offline version.
    yes would be good to have explaination of projects of angular.

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  12. mandar adhikari says:

    Can u please include end to end testing of angular in the course?

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  13. Bheem Sen says:

    Do you have video for Angular in online subscription?

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  14. umasankar says:

    Dear sir,
    I am quest pond subscriber I want offline class in Chennai or banglore location is it possible..

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