Learn AngularJS 1.x & 2.0 in 2 days in Mumbai Andheri

Course Name:- Batch 78 – Learn AngularJS 1.x and 2.0 in 2 days

Date: – Sat 25th March and Sun 26th March 2017.

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Booking between 20 Jan to 18 Feb 2017 – 1000 INR discount, you pay 6000 INR
Booking between 19 Feb to 11 Mar 2017 – 500 INR discount, you pay 6500 INR
Booking between 12 Mar to 24 Mar 2017 – 0 INR discount, you pay 7000 INR

Venue: –

B-720, Pranik Chambers, Near Sakinaka Metro Station, Sakinaka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 072.

Below is the syllabus: –

The candidate should not be a fresher at-least 1 year and above working experience required.

Angular is one the most demanded topics. Now you can say sad or great but there are two versions of Angular one is the 1.X version and the other 2.X which is recently launched. In the market people are demanding both.

As we have some lots of project who are using old Angular 1.X and the new projects trying to use Angular 2.0. So in this course we are covering both. On the first day we are covering Angular 1.X and on the second day Angular 2.0.

Software requirement: VS 2015 (Update 3), Node and Typescript & SQL Server 2008/12/14. Contact our Support at 022-66752917 for more details.

Below is the syllabus: –

Day 1: – Angular 1.5 syllabus (We start at Sharp 9:00 AM please be on time)

Topic Time allocated What you will learn
Installations 1 hour Installing Typescript.
JavaScript Fundamentals 30 Minutes Data types in JavaScript
Undefined and Null
Lexical Scopes
Hosting, Closures and IIFE
OOP in JavaScript
NodeJS 30 Minutes NodeJS and NPM
TypeScript and RequireJS 30 Minutes Classes and objects in TypeScript
Inheritance and properties
Imports, Exports and RequireJS
Why Angular and Simple example 1 hour Angular Architecture
Binding a JS class with HTML.
Using expression.
Understanding ng-app,ng-model,ng-controller.
Understanding DI importance in Angular and Filters
Tea Break 10 minutes
Creating Customer screen 1 hour Creating screen binding with Customer JS.
Implementing Factory and Services
Understanding Providers, Constants and Values
Putting validations and displaying on grid. 30 minutes Putting validations using HTML 5 validations and Angular $valid, ng-repeat, ng-show
Understanding directives 1 hour Isolation Scope
One way, One time and Two way bindings
Angular Digest Cycle 30 minutes Digest cycle, dirty check and one time binding.
Food Break 1 hour: – Tip eat less rice as we have lot to complete.
Implementing SPA using Angular UI routing 1 hour Using Angular UI routing.
Using Angular UI grid 30 minutes Making grid using Angular UI Grid.
Using $http 1 hour Creating MVC WebAPI service and making and Angular Post with server side validations.

Day 2: – Angular 2 ( Timing starts at 10 AM)

Topic Time allocated What you will learn
Storing to DB using EF 1 hour Storing the data in to Database using EF
Using $http 1 hour Creating MVC WebAPI service and making and Angular Post with server side validations.
Tea Break 10 minutes
Customer Screen using Angular 2 2 hours 1-way, 2-way interpolations, template, event and cloning
Food Break 1 hour
Creating reusable grid 2 hours Input, Output and Event emitters
Providers 1 hour Creating providers and understanding DI
Component Routing 1 hour Component Routing
Implementing nested routing
Angular component Life cycle 30 minutes Understanding Angular component life cycle.
Understanding Angular forms 30 minutes Angular forms

Key Features

  • No PPT showcase nor more theory, complete step by step pure Hands-on Angular 1.x & 2.0 training.
  • Personal attention given to each candidate till topic is clear.
  • Tea and lunch will be provided.

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  8. bikash pattanayak says:

    I suggest a demo on below topic should be part of Anjular JS training video/classes/study material.

    1. bind the data with different controls, which are frequently used in real time projects i.e. grid-view, calendar and dropdownlist etc.., coming from various sources like Web API and Action Method etc..

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    • StepByStepSchoolsSupport says:

      Hello Bikash,

      Thanks for your input such inputs helps us to improve our training. We have forwarded it to our faculties soon we will work on it.

      Thank you,

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  9. MunnaBaba says:

    this is a wonderfull.
    i am going to get the offline version.
    yes would be good to have explaination of projects of angular.

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  11. mandar adhikari says:

    Can u please include end to end testing of angular in the course?

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  12. Bheem Sen says:

    Do you have video for Angular in online subscription?

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  13. umasankar says:

    Dear sir,
    I am quest pond subscriber I want offline class in Chennai or banglore location is it possible..

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