Learn Data Science – Do Programming using R

Course Name: – Learn Data Science – Do Programming using R in 2 days

Date: – Sat 06th Jan 2018 and Sun 07th Jan 2018.

Cost: –

Booking between 08 Dec to 23 Dec 2017 – 1000 INR discount, you pay 6000 INR
Booking between 24 Dec to 30 Dec 2017 – 500 INR discount, you pay 6500 INR
Booking between 31 Dec to 05 Jan 2018  – 0 INR discount, you pay 7000 INR

How to Join?

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Key Features

  • No PPT’s completely Hands-on Data Science – R programming training.
  • Lunch & Tea will be provided.
  • Installation required in your laptop for training
    • R download link, get from here
  • All at only 7000 INR

Day 1 – First Day

1st and 2nd Hour Introduction to R
Introduction to R
R Packages

R Programming
R Programming
if statements
for statements
while statements
repeat statements
break and next statements
switch statement
scan statement
Executing the commands in a File

3rd Hour Data structures
Data frame
4th Hour Functions
DPLYR & apply Function
Import Data File
DPLYP – Selection
DPLYP – Filter
DPLYP – Arrange
DPLYP – Mutate
DPLYP – Summarize
5th and 6th Hour Data visualization in R
Bar chart, Dot plot
Scatter plot, Pie chart
Histogram and Box plot
Heat Maps
World Cloud
7th Hour Introduction to statistics
Type of Data
Distance Measures (Similarity, dissimilarity, correlation)
8th Hour Euclidean space.

Day 2 – Next Day

1st and 2nd Hour Minkowski
Cosine similarity
Mahalanobis distance
Pearson’s correlation coefficient
Probability Distributions
3rd Hour Hypothesis Testing I
Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing – T Test, Anova
4th Hour Hypothesis Testing II
Hypothesis Testing about population
Chi Square Test
F distribution and F ratio
5th Hour Regression Analysis
Linear Regression Models
Non Linear Regression Models
6th Hour Classification
Decision Tree
Logistic Regression
Support Vector Machines
7th Hour Clustering
K-means Clustering and Case Study
DBSCAN Clustering and Case study
Hierarchical Clustering
Monitoring (actuators)
Web service using Spring boot
8th Hour Association
Apriori Algorithm
Candidate Generation
Visualization on Associated Rules